Ron Johnson Launches New Radio Ad On Senator Feingold’s Lies

34-Year Career Politician Staring Down Defeat Is Blatantly Misleading Wisconsinites

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a new radio ad highlighting the lies Senator Feingold is telling in his last-ditch attempt to stave off defeat and the end of his political career.

“He’s a professional politician staring down the end of his political career. So what does Russ Feingold do? He lies,” a narrator says.

The ad, “The End,” then details lies Senator Feingold has shamelessly spread, including about Ron’s family business, Social Security, and Ron’s work to address the opioid epidemic.

“Russ Feingold – a career politician, a morally bankrupt campaign,” the narrator states. “After 34 years in politics, Russ Feingold will say and do anything to get back to Washington, because he’s in it for himself, not for you.”

Key Facts:
  • PolitiFact found there was “no evidence” to show Ron’s family business paid him inappropriately as Senator Feingold alleged, and rated Senator Feingold’s claim that Ron helped ship jobs overseas False.
  • WISC Madison said Senator Feingold’s claims about Ron’s positions on Social Security “need clarification.”
  • PolitiFact ruled Senator Feingold’s claim that Ron did “essentially nothing” to address the opioid epidemic False.