What They’re Saying: Ron Has All The Momentum As Senator Feingold’s Lead Has Completely Vanished

The last Marquette poll of 2016 was released this afternoon, and the Wisconsin Senate race is a dead heat. Senator Feingold has wasted millions of dollars this year on misleading attacks and now his lead has completely vanished.

With six days left, state and national media are reporting that Ron has all the momentum.

Check out what they‘re saying:

Wisconsin State Journal: “Less than a week before Election Day, Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race is a statistical toss-up, according to the final Marquette Law School Poll of the 2016 campaign. The poll finds Feingold with 45 percent support and Johnson at 44 percent — the narrowest margin between the two candidates recorded by the poll during the campaign. … ‘It’s right on the knife’s edge and could go either way,’ Marquette pollster Charles Franklin said after announcing the results.”

Washington Post: “The tighter margins follow an October uptick in spending by Johnson and his allies, including a series of positive spots — such as one featuring him changing a diaper — that have helped increase his favorability among Wisconsin voters. Only 36 percent of likely voters had a positive impression of Johnson in early July, according to the Marquette Law Poll; that is now up to 43 percent. … What should be concerning to Feingold is that the latest spate of polls show Johnson performing more like his GOP Senate incumbent peers — that is, outperforming the top of his ticket by an appreciable margin — and starting to build an advantage among independents.”

The Hill: “The Wisconsin Senate race is locked in a statistical tie in the final stretch, according to a poll released Wednesday. … Johnson is leading Feingold among independent voters 46 percent to 40 percent, according to Wednesday’s poll. That’s a reverse from October’s poll, when Feingold carried independents 44 percent to 37 percent. Wisconsin, once widely viewed as a likely Democratic pickup, has transformed into an unlikely battleground.”

Politico: “But the Marquette Law School poll, considered the gold standard in Wisconsin, shows a neck-and-neck race for the state’s Senate seat — a significant tightening from earlier in the race, when former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold appeared more likely to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Ron Johnson. … In the Senate race, Feingold’s lead over Johnson has declined to just a single point in a three-way matchup with a Libertarian Party candidate included. Feingold now leads Johnson, 45 percent to 44 percent — down from a 2-point edge earlier in October.”