New Ron Johnson Radio Ad Demonstrates Impact of Joseph Project, Despite Feingold Attacks

Willie Switched From Supporting Senator Feingold To Ron Because Ron ‘Made A Difference’

The Ron Johnson campaign today released a statewide radio ad featuring a Joseph Project participant who switched his support from Senator Feingold to Ron because Ron “did something” to help the Milwaukee community. Last week, Senator Feingold bizarrely criticized the Joseph Project, which has earned praise from across the political spectrum.

The ad, “Stepped Up,” features Willie, a Joseph Project participant. Willie supported Senator Feingold in 2010, but “I don’t know why I was saying it, ‘cause he never did anything.”

Willie continues: “Pastor Smith and Ron Johnson stepped up and they did something. Ron Johnson stepped in and made a difference in a lot of people’s lives.”

In addition to the radio ad, the Johnson campaign is running a television ad on the Joseph Project as well as a digital ad.

Key Facts:
  • The Joseph Project is an initiative that was started by Ron and Pastor Smith of the Greater Praise Church of God in Christ that helps people in inner-city Milwaukee break the cycle of poverty and build real careers by connecting them with good-paying jobs.
  • Last week, Senator Feingold shamelessly attacked the Joseph Project,saying “It’s not enough to pick people up in a van and send them away a couple hours and have them come back exhausted at the end of the day. That doesn’t make a community.” Ron called on Senator Feingold to apologize, which he has refused to do.
  • The Joseph Project provides soft skills and interviewing training to participants, and then connects them with employers, including Wisconsin manufacturers. Once participants are hired, the initiative also provides transportation to work and back home each day.
  • This is just another example of Ron using the problem-solving skills he learned as an Oshkosh manufacturer to get real results for Wisconsin communities.