Ron Johnson Launches Radio Ad on Senator Feingold’s EPA Rule Hurting Wisconsin Farmers and Families

Contrasts career politician Feingold championing water regulations with manufacturer Ron Johnson working to stop them

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a regionally targeted radio ad on job-killing Environmental Protection Agency regulations Senator Feingold championed during his nearly two decades in Washington, a clear contrast to Ron’s work to protect Wisconsin farmers and families from costly federal overreach.

You can listen to the ad, entitled “Ditch,” here. The ad begins, “Senator Feingold wants to rule the ditch. Feingold’s brainchild, the Waters of the United States’ rule, gives the federal government control over farm ditches and small creeks.”

Noting that Feingold’s EPA rule would place 92 percent of Wisconsin’s land under federal control, increasing costs for farmers and other landowners, the ad continues “Ron Johnson spent his life in manufacturing, he knows the burden of over-regulation. Feingold wants to rule the ditch, Ron Johnson wants to ditch the rule. The choice is clear – a career politician who wants to regulate everything, or a manufacturer who understands how to stop it.”

Key Facts:
  • Senator Feingold introduced legislation in 2009 that served as the model for the EPA’s “Waters of the U.S.” rule. Today, the EPA’s proposed water rule would regulate small ponds, ditches, and creeks on private property, affecting 92 percent of the land in Wisconsin and driving up costs and killing jobs due to added government regulation.
  • Senator Feingold has embraced the League of Conservation Voters – a far-left Washington, D.C. group Feingold personally appeared with that favors WOTUS and that has a dark-money arm that attacked Ron.
  • Ron is standing with Wisconsin farmers, workers, and families by opposing WOTUS. He has voted to block its implementation and he held a field hearing in Stevens Point to examine the effects WOTUS would have on Wisconsin’s economy.