What They Are Saying: “Shameful” Senator Feingold Attacks Joseph Project

34-Year Career Politician Finds Fault With Initiative Helping Milwaukee, Madison Residents Gain Skills And Family-Supporting Jobs

Yesterday, Senator Feingold stunningly launched a political attack against the Joseph Project, the job skills and employment initiative started by Ron and Pastor Jerome Smith that is changing lives in Milwaukee and Madison. You can see Ron’s response here.

Senator Feingold’s stunning remarks have brought national attention to him for all the wrong reasons.

Associated Press: “Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says it’s ‘sad’ that his Democratic challenger Russ Feingold would question the value of a faith-based jobs initiative he spearheaded. Johnson has touted the Joseph Project during the campaign. It connects inner-city workers in Milwaukee with jobs in Sheboygan.”

Opportunity Lives: “While Feingold is recycling partisan talking points, his Republican rival is actually helping save families and restore communities. Johnson isn’t making self-indulgent statements from the floor of the U.S. Senate or issuing snarky statements condemning local charities. He’s actually serving the people he represents.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “In an interview aired on Wisconsin Public Radio, Feingold made reference to the Joseph Project, which Johnson spearheaded with Pastor Jerome Smith of Greater Praise Church of God in Christ. The program links inner-city workers in Milwaukee to jobs in Sheboygan. ‘It’s not enough to pick people up in a van and send them away a couple hours and have them come back exhausted at the end of the day,’ Feingold said.”

Right Wisconsin: “Feingold’s comment about the men coming back from their jobs ‘exhausted at the end of the day’ is especially rich, coming from a politician who hasn’t lifted anything heavier than a syllabus or a university paycheck in the last 6 years.”

National Review: “Johnson faces a tough fight leading up to the election, but the race has tightened considerably in recent weeks, due at least in part to his positive messaging, based largely on the mission and success of the Joseph Project. It is shameful that Feingold would attempt to use this charity program as a political tool, denigrating something that has provided many of Wisconsin’s poorest citizens with the opportunity to care for their families and build confidence in themselves.”