What They Are Saying: Senator Feingold’s Opioid Lie “Furthest Thing From The Truth”

Mother Rejects 34-Year Career Politician’s Claims, Speaks Of Ron’s Efforts To Combat Drug Abuse And Addiction
Senator Feingold was called out for his lies during Tuesday’s debate at Marquette University, a debate flash point that was particularly intense because Lauri Badura, a mother who lost her son Archie to a heroin overdose, was in the audience.

The Ron Johnson campaign released a digital ad called “Furthest From The TruthThursday featuring Lauri, who said that Senator Feingold’s criticism of Ron was “absolutely the furthest thing from the truth.”

State and national media took note of the touching ad:

Politico: “GOP Sen. Ron Johnson released a digital ad attacking Democrat Russ Feingold with the mother of a heroin overdose victim accusing Feingold of lying.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Lauri Badura, who lost her 19-year-old son Archie to a heroin overdose in 2014, appeared in a digital ad for the Johnson campaign. She spoke of Johnson’s commitment to solving the opioid crisis and also sought to refute a Feingold radio ad that charged that Johnson had ‘essentially done nothing’ on the issue.”

WisPolitics: “A woman whose son died of a heroin overdose says in a new Ron Johnson digital ad Russ Feingold’s claim the GOP senator isn’t doing anything about opiate addiction is ‘absolutely the furthest thing from the truth.’ … ‘I know that Senator Johnson has been through what I’ve been through, and he’s going to continue to really work and push legislation so he can help our families,’ she says.

Washington Free Beacon: “Feingold released an ad in early September suggesting that Johnson had not addressed the heroin epidemic during his first term as Wisconsin’s senior senator. However, Johnson voted to approve the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, which was signed into law by President Obama.”