Ron Johnson Launches Digital Ad on Mother Condemning Senator Feingold’s False Attack

Mother whose son died of drug overdose says Senator Feingold’s attack “is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth”

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a targeted digital ad on Senator Feingold’s false and disgusting attack on Ron Johnson’s efforts to address the opioid epidemic. Lauri Badura, who lost her 19-year-old son to heroin, addressed Senator Feingold’s attack and said it “is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth.” You can watch the ad, “Furthest From the Truth,” here.

“I know that Senator Johnson’s been through what I’ve been through, and he’s going to continue to really work and push legislation so he can help our families,” Lauri says.

Senator Feingold ran an ad saying Ron has “essentially done nothing” on the heroin epidemic. When Ron confronted Senator Feingold with his lies at the Marquette Law School debate on Tuesday night, Senator Feingold tried to do what a typical career politician does – mislead Wisconsinites. Watch moderator Mike Gousha set the record straight.

Key Facts:

  • Ron Johnson’s own family has been affected by the opioid epidemic.
  • Ron introduced the PROP ACT, bipartisan legislation to help ease pressure on doctors to over-prescribe painkillers, parts of which the Obama administration has begun implementing. He also supported the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which was recently signed into law by the president, to help folks fight drug addiction.
  • Drugs coming into Wisconsin are directly related to weak border security. That’s why Ron has worked to secure the border to cut off the supply of drugs that enter the United States. Ron has held 18 hearings on border security, including a field hearing in Pewaukee where he heard testimony from medical professionals, law enforcement officials, and families dealing with drug abuse about the steps we need to take to protect communities from this epidemic.
  • Ron has sent 26 letters to various entities on our weak border security and the drugs that flow into the United States. He has also worked closely with Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel to ensure that local communities have the funding and resources they need to combat the drug trade and help fight addiction.