Ron tells the truth, Senator Feingold continues his lies

imgresFrom TMJ4:

The battle between Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Russ Feingold is kicking up a notch as the two tangle over claims in their TV ads. PolitiFact Wisconsin puts two new claims through the Truth O Meter.

Johnson is bringing back the whiteboard to drive home a similar point he made in his 2010 campaign against Feingold. Johnson claims he’s the only manufacturer in the Senate

“Today, there are 54 lawyers, 1 manufacturer – that’d be me – and still way too many career politicians,” Johnson  said. “And now Senator Feingold wants to add another one – himself.”

Politifact Wisconsin checked the roster of 100 US Senators and rated Johnson’s claim – Mostly True.

“His statement is mostly accurate in the sense that he is – at least most recently the only manufacturer in the senate,” said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Although arguably one other colleague of his has quite a background in manufacturing.”

Feingold is running a new campaign commercial that makes a claim against Johnson that he, “helped companies ship jobs overseas.”

Feingold’s camp cited three free trade deals voted by Johnson and signed by President Obama.

But economists tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that if the deals caused jobs to be lost in the US – there’s no way to show they were shipped overseas.

“What Feingold alleges is that by voting for these free trade deals, Johnson helped companies ship jobs overseas,” Kertscher said. “However we did not find any evidence of that.”

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Feingold’s statement False.