Ron Johnson Launches Radio Ads Highlighting Senator Feingold’s Lies and Deceptions

New Spots Examine Career Politician’s Record Of Saying One Thing And Doing Another On Campaign Funding, Federal Debt

The Ron Johnson campaign today announced two new radio ads that will begin airing across Wisconsin highlighting Senator Feingold’s long record of saying one thing and doing another. The two ads, “Lies” and “Deceptions,” compare Senator Feingold’s own words with his actual record after 34 years as a career politician.

Lies” goes back to 1992 to highlight Senator Feingold’s broken promise to Wisconsin voters that he would always raise a majority of his campaign contributions from state residents. So far this election, Senator Feingold has raised nearly 70 percent of his campaign funds from outside Wisconsin.

Deceptions” examines Senator Feingold’s bad record when it comes to the federal deficit. Senator Feingold said reducing the federal deficit was at the top of his agenda, but then voted four times against a Balanced Budget Amendment to make Washington control spending. Since casting those four votes against the Balanced Budget Amendment, the federal debt has increased more than $14 trillion.

“Instead of relying on Wisconsinites for campaign donations and restraining the federal debt as he promised, Senator Feingold has raked in money from out of state interests while voting time and again for higher taxes and more debt,” campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “This is more of the same from Senator Feingold, who after 34 years as a career politician has a long track record of broken promises to Wisconsin voters — saying one thing and doing another on any issue if it will get him back to Washington.”

The two radio ads come on the heels of a television ad, “Busted,” that introduced voters to Senator Feingold’s broken promises and history of saying one thing and doing another.

Key Facts:
  • Senator Feingold made his “garage door promise” in 1992, a pledge for the future to raise a majority of his campaign funds from Wisconsin. To date, nearly 70 percent of his money raised has come from outside Wisconsin, leading PolitiFact to conclude he has broken his promise.
  • Senator Feingold voted four times against a federal Balanced Budget Amendment (1234) after saying reducing the federal deficit and restraining spending was at the top of his agenda.
  • Federal debt has increased more than $14 trillion since Senator Feingold cast his votes against a Balanced Budget Amendment.