‘Factually Ridiculous’: Senator Feingold’s $8k Per Lecture Was Twice As Much As Professor Elizabeth Warren

Massive Professor Paydays Undermine Both Senators’ College Affordability Rhetoric
The Ron Johnson campaign today highlighted the college affordability hypocrisy of Senator Russ Feingold and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – both highly paid lecturers – revealing that Feingold’s $8,000 per class is double what even Warren made, and targeting UW students with a digital ad on Snapchat.

“After making $8,000 per lecture as a Stanford professor, Senator Feingold’s college affordability hypocrisy is just another example of his pattern of saying one thing and doing something different,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Senator Feingold has lived off taxpayers, students and donors for the last 34 years as a career politician, and Wisconsin voters will compare his phony promises to his true record of no real accomplishments.”

The Johnson campaign targeted attendees at the Madison Warren-Feingold event with a custom Snapchat filter emphasizing Senator Feingold’s college affordability hypocrisy. The Stanford Tree also stopped by the event with a message for attendees, using the Snapchat filter.

In her final semester as a Harvard professor, Warren made slightly more than $3,000 per lecture. Feingold made more than twice that as a Stanford professor, taking home taking home $150,000, or about $8,000 per lecture at the exclusive California university.

Earlier this year, Senator Feingold called his massive paydays “factually ridiculous,” and he’s got a point.

For some perspective: A Wisconsin family could pay tuition for their child for anentire year at UW-Madison for the cost of one Professor Warren lecture and one Professor Feingold lecture.  

Full background on Senator Feingold and Senator Warren’s college affodability hypocrisy is below.

Senator Feingold Made More Than Twice Elizabeth Warren’s Per Lecture Rate

Elizabeth Warren made approximately $3,000 per lecture during her final semester at Harvard. $93,775 divided by 30 lectures = $3,125.83 per lecture.(Apple calculator, accessed 10/5/16)

In 2015, Senator Feingold made $8,000 per lecture at Stanford University.$150,000 divided by 19 lectures = $7,894 per lecture. (Apple calculator, accessed 10/5/16)

In-State Tuition for UW-Madison is $10,488 per year. (Undergraduate Cost of Attendance, UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid, Accessed 10/6/16)