What They’re Saying: Senator Feingold is ‘Busted’

New Johnson Campaign Ad Highlights Senator Feingold’s Broken Promises and Out-of-State Money

The Ron Johnson campaign today released a new ad highlighting Senator Feingold’s lies and broken garage door promise to the people of Wisconsin. The ad, “Busted,” drew local and national attention to the fact that Senator Feingold has raised roughly 70 percent of his campaign funds from outside of Wisconsin, after making a “promise for the future” in 1992 to always raise a majority of his money from state residents.

WisPolitics: “The spot contrasts Feingold’s pledge in 1992 to raise the majority of his money from Wisconsin with his 2016 campaign, in which out-of-state contributions have comprised most of his large donations.”

Roll Call: “The ad, titled ‘Busted,’ goes after Johnson’s Democratic challenger, former Sen. Russ Feingold, for ‘saying one thing and doing another,’ campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said in a statement.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “According to OpenSecrets.org, as of July 20, Feingold received 31% of campaign dollars from in state and 69% from out of state, while Johnson received 54% of campaign dollars from in state and 46% from out of state. The Johnson campaign said it received significant support for the ad via coordinated funds from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.”

Associated Press: “The new spot contrasts footage of Feingold in 1992 saying the pledge was ‘for the future’ next to him saying recently that it was for that term only.”

National Journal: “John­son’s cam­paign noted that the ad is ‘part of a multi-mil­lion-dol­lar ad blitz for the fall’ that ‘in­cludes sig­ni­fic­ant sup­port via co­ordin­ated funds from the NR­SC,’ which can­celled its IE ads for the state Monday.”

Washington Free Beacon: “Feingold has also hauled in more than $500,000 in bundled lobbyist contributions this election cycle. The former senator spent his career in Washington railing against special interests and fought for stricter disclosures of how lobbyists were funding campaigns.”

Daily Caller: “GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, who is in a contentious race to retain his seat against former Sen. Russ Feingold, attacked him for raising 69.5 percent of his campaign funds out-of-state, despite promising to raise the majority within Wisconsin.”

Right Wisconsin: “If he’s willing to go back on the first pledge he made to Wisconsinites, what else is he willing to break?”