Ron Johnson Launches Statewide TV Ad on Senator Feingold’s Broken Promise to Wisconsin

Untrustworthy Senator Feingold launches false ads and says one thing about relying on Wisconsinites, but then does another

The Ron Johnson campaign launched its next statewide TV and digital ad today, on Senator Feingold’s series of false ads and his broken promise to the people of Wisconsin – all of which reveals he’s a career politician who will say one thing and do another on any issue if it will get him back to Washington.
Part of a multi-million-dollar ad blitz for the fall, the buy includes significant support via coordinated funds from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. The ad, which you can watch here, is entitled “Busted,” and highlights a series of false ads Senator Feingold has launched during the campaign. It then notes Senator Feingold has a problem with the truth going back to 1992, featuring him standing in front of his home while famously stating “I will rely on Wisconsin citizens, not out of staters, to pay for this campaign,” and then promising in a debate, “I’m making a pledge for the future.”

The ad then reveals that despite his promise to raise more than half his money from Wisconsinites, 70 percent of Senator Feingold’s contributions have come from out of state while flashing ahead to 2016 with Senator Feingold failing to explain his broken promise and hypocrisy to the people of Wisconsin. This ad makes the point that Senator Feingold was not telling the truth as far back as 1992.  He continues this dishonorable habit in his current campaign by lying about and distorting Ron’s record and making more phony promises he has no intention or ability to keep.

“Senator Feingold is hypocritically saying one thing and doing another by making a pledge ‘for the future,’ but then breaking his word as soon as he thinks it will get him back to Washington,” said Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger. “Wisconsinites cannot trust Senator Feingold to keep his promises because he’s everything people hate about politics – and if he’s willing to violate his principles on the issue he built his career on, he’ll do the same thing on any issue that matters to the people of Wisconsin.”

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