U.S. State Department Relents on Feingold Email Scandal Following Immense Public Pressure

Washington Free Beacon Forces State Department’s Hand, Learns It Will Gain Access to 34-Year Career Politician’s Emails

The Ron Johnson campaign issued the following statement after learning the U.S. State Department now claims it will release Senator Feingold’s emails and other correspondence with top Democrats after being pressed by the Washington Free Beacon:

“We are glad to see the U.S. State Department has yielded to immense public pressure and is acknowledging that Senator Feingold’s emails should be released under federal law — we hope they’ll release them promptly and in their entirety. With the latest evidence that Sen. Feingold used Progressives United for his own personal benefit, this is an important step in finding out the truth about allegations that he broke federal law with his shadow campaign.” – Brian Reisinger, Ron Johnson campaign spokesman

You can read the Free Beacon’s breaking story here. Also, earlier this week, the Johnson campaign launched a digital ad highlighting the similarities between Senator Feingold and Hillary Clinton’s State Department email scandals.

Key Facts

  • According to reports, Senator Feingold had conversations with key Democrat leaders about launching a Senate campaign while he was employed by the State Department. Those conversations and operations by Progressives United, his shadow campaign, during that time have led to allegations he broke federal law.
  • Senator Feingold is now engaging in a full-scale cover-up to deflect attention from the possibly-illegal actions of his shadow campaign at Progressives United, which has been called a “legalized slush fund.”
  • Freedom of Information Act requests by conservative groups have beenstonewalled by the State Department for more than 20 months.
  • Senator Feingold has refused to call on the State Department to immediately release his records, as is required under federal law.