Ron Johnson Campaign Calls on Senator Feingold to Answer for Washington Allies Blocking Right to Try Bill

Johnson campaign asks: Does Senator Feingold side with Wisconsin families or the Washington Democrats trying to boost his campaign? 

Yesterday, Ron Johnson moved to pass his bipartisan Trickett Wendler Right to Try Act – which would allow terminally ill patients in Wisconsin and across the country to try potnetially life-saving drugs – only to have Sen. Harry Reid and Washington Democrats block it to simply deny Ron yet another legislative achievement. In response, the Ron Johnson campaign called on Senator Feingold to choose between Wisconsin families and the Washington Democrats trying to boost his election chances.

“After 34 years as a career politician, Senator Feingold is used to saying one thing and doing another. But who does he side with: Wisconsinites looking for a glimmer of hope as they battle a life-threatening illness? Or Harry Reid, one of Senator Feingold’s ‘favorite people,’ who just played cynical partisan games with the health of Wisconsinites desperate for help?” asked Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger.

Key Facts:

  • Ron Johnson introduced the “Trickett Wendler Right to Try Act of 2016”– named after a Waukesha woman who died of ALS – to give terminally ill patients the right to try experimental drugs and treatments that could save their lives.
  • The bill keeps the feds from interfering with the 31 states that have — on a bipartisan basis — enacted right to try laws. It does not force other states to adopt this approach but protects patients and doctors in the states that have, and it keeps the federal bureaucracy from trampling on the democratic process in states.
  • Ron’s bill currently has the support of 42 senators.