Amy from Milton calls out Senator Feingold’s false attacks


From the Beloit Daily News:

Of all the dishonest ads Russ Feingold is running, the most disturbing one attacks Senator Ron Johnson for “doing nothing” about the opioid epidemic. The ad focuses on three votes, while giving no context.

The meaningless votes were orchestrated by Senator Schumer of New York so that campaigns like Feingold’s could use them as political fodder.

Feingold and Schumer are dangerously politicizing the issue, risking what has been rare bipartisan progress. Schumer devised a plan to have three Democratically-authored amendments added to the bipartisan bill at the very last minute. All three amendments were cosmetic, and went down on a party-line vote.

The actual anti-heroin bill, known as the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, or CARA, passed the Senate in March on a vote of 94-1 with Johnson voting “Aye.” The bill was signed into law by Obama in July. I’m sure Feingold knows this.

Johnson is chairman of the committee that has spent more than a year investigating the harm inflicted on veterans by the over-prescription of opioids by the VA. Johnson held 14 hearings on border security, discovering the intimate link between drug trafficking and our unsecure southern border.

Considering the vote for CARA and the numerous investigations Johnson has spearheaded into opiate over-prescription at Veterans Administration hospitals, both in Wisconsin and across the country, the idea that Senator Johnson has done nothing on heroin is an outright lie.

Johnson is one of the country’s hardest working senators and deserves re-election.

Amy Holterman