What They’re Saying: New Johnson Digital Ad Highlights Feingold, Clinton Scandals

Ron Johnson launched a new digital ad on Tuesday that is gaining attention in Wisconsin and across the country as Senator Feingold and Hillary Clinton both are hounded by State Department email scandals. Senator Feingold has recently been engaging in a full-scale cover-up to distract from allegations he illegally operated a shadow campaign while on State Department payroll.

Watch our new ad here.

The Hill: “Johnson released a web ad Tuesday asking, ‘What is Feingold hiding?’ It argues the Democrat and the State Department should ‘follow the law’ by releasing emails from when Feingold served as the special envoy for the Great Lakes region of Africa.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Republicans have accused Feingold of violating law by planning his senate run while serving as a U.S. special envoy in Africa. Republicans and their allies have sought Feingold’s email records from his tenure to back up their claim but have been told by the State Department that they won’t be available until December, after the election.”

WisPolitics.com: “It closes with a shot of conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes asking why it’s taken so long for the State Department to release Feingold’s emails. He says, ‘There’s something very Hillary Clintonesque about all of this.’ The ad replays the Sykes line twice more.”

WISN-TV: “This email issue has been the biggest challenge facing Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The Johnson campaign now is trying to seize on that.”

Washington Free Beacon: “Calls for Feingold to release his email correspondence have increased in recent weeks after the State Department acknowledged documents requested 20 months ago through a Freedom of Information Act request will not be released until one month after the November elections.”

Right Wisconsin: “Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon publicly chastised attorneys at the State Department for their snail-like pace in getting media outlets information they requested on a timely basis.”

Wisconsin Watchdog: “In the ad, the Johnson campaign calls for Feingold to release emails from his time as special envoy in the State Department. As Wisconsin Watchdog first reported, Feingold spoke with key Democratic Party officials about a rematch with Johnson while he worked for State.”