Why Did Senator Feingold Just Praise Protections Against “Lone Wolf” Terrorists He Actually Voted Against?

34-Year Career Politician Voted 3 Times Against Extending Lone WolfProvisions Designed to Protect Against Terror Attacks

Following terror attacks in Minnesota and New York in recent days, Senator Feingold was asked this morning to defend his track record of voting against anti-terror measures to crack down on lone wolf terrorists. But in trying to dodge the question, Senator Feingold actually praised the measures he voted against.
“The ‘Lone Wolf’ provisions, and all of these provisions, have to do with making sure our people of our country are safe,” Senator Feingold said.

If that’s the case, then why did Senator Feingold vote three times against extending Lone Wolf anti-terror provisions? Twice in 2006 and once in 2009 Senator Feingold voted against extending anti-terror measures that help keep Wisconsinites safe from lone wolf attacks. Quite simply, Senator Feingold’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record.

You can watch the exchange here, and find more information about Senator Feingold’s checkered anti-terror voting record below.


  • Feingold voted against extending the Lone Wolf provision at least three times. (Roll Call Vote #11, 2/2/06, Feingold Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #29, 3/2/06, Feingold Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #384, 12/19/09, Feingold Voted Nay)
  • Feingold voted against the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. (Roll Call Vote #249: Bill Passed 90-9, 11/19/02, Feingold Voted Nay)