Senator Feingold’s Obamacare problem


As health care costs continue to soar and the damage of Obamacare is further revealed, it is important to remember where Senator Feingold stands. He bragged about being the deciding vote, and in 2010 said it’s “going to look pretty damn good in two years.”

  • Senator Feingold claimed that Obamacare would lower premiums by “14 to 20 percent.”
    • What’s actually happening? Premiums are increasing.
  • Senator Feingold said that the problem of insurance companies leaving the Obamacare marketplace will “shake out over the next couple of years,” but it’s “ultimately going to be very positive…”
    • What’s actually happening? Health insurance companies are leaving or dramatically reducing their presence.

Obamacare is no doubt hurting Wisconsin families, but will Senator Feingold continue to defend it?

While Senator Feingold continues to deny reality, Ron is working to repair the disastrous impact of Obamacare that is hurting Wisconsin families and called it what it is — “a massive consumer fraud.”