What They’re Saying: Senator Feingold Faces More Questions on His State Department Email Scandal

Yesterday, Politico broke news that the State Department is stonewalling Freedom of Information Act requests related to Senator Feingold’s work for the department until after the election – allowing him to hide just like Hillary Clinton.

Even after recent coverage, the 34-year career politician still hasn’t addressed whether he violated federal law by planning his political campaign while still at the State Department. It raises the question – just like Hillary Clinton, what is Senator Feingold hiding? Check out what they’re saying about Senator Feingold’s growing scandal:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “The FOIA seeks correspondence between Feingold and top Senate Democrats and several Obama administration officials. Politico reported Thursday that the NRSC was told the request was held up and likely wouldn’t be released until December, after the election.”

WisPolitics.com: “The NRSC is looking for correspondence between Feingold and several Dem senators, employees of his Progressives United PAC and the White House as Republicans allege he violated the Hatch Act by laying the foundation for his Senate bid while still employed by the federal government.”

Politico: “‘Wisconsinites now know why Senator Feingold believes that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy — because he’s become as dishonest as she is,’ Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger said. ‘Not only has he refused to come clean on allegations he broke federal law to benefit his political campaign — he’s hiding behind Washington bureaucrats at the State Department, just like Hillary.'”

Wisconsin Watchdog: “Did Russ Feingold violate the federal Hatch Act?The documents that could shine light on that important question won’t be released until after November’s U.S. Senate election, pitting the Middleton Democrat against incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh.”

Right Wisconsin: “Looks like Hillary Clinton isn’t the only former employee the State Department is protecting from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. A new story from Politico reports that a number of FOIA requests regarding former Senator Russ Feingold (D-Middleton) have been lingering for months. Twenty months to exact. Now after waiting all that time, the State Department conveniently is saying it won’t have the documents ready until a month after Election Day.”