Politics 101: Theory of Jobs and Wages by Professor Russ Feingold (D-Stanford)


Politics 101: Theory of Jobs and Wages (How to Kill Jobs, But Preserve Your Own)*

Professor Russ Feingold (D-Stanford)

NOTE: At a rate of $8,000 per lecture, this seven-part class will cost $56,000

Lecture 1: Being a Career Politician

Key lesson – It’s not a job, it’s an out-of-touch lifestyle underwritten by taxpayers, students and donors for 34 years.

Lecture 2: Taxes and Spending

Key lessons – Consistently oppose tax cuts for the middle class and increase the national debt more than $10 trillion.

Lecture 3: Small Business Strategy

Key lessons – Small businesses, farmers and other job creators should be more heavily regulated and subjected to higher taxes.

Lecture 4: Obamacare

Key lesson – Even as costs soar and people lose their health plans, stick to your position that you’d vote for Obamacare again and wish it had gone farther.

Lecture 5: Paycheck Fairness

Key lesson – Make $3 million from taxpayers and increase your own salary 20% while voting 18 times against raises for the military.

Lecture 6: Earning People’s Trust

Key lesson – Garage door promises are relative, just like Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness.

Lecture 7: What To Do When Voters Fire You?

Key lessons – Blame outside factors for your failures, set up cushy donor-funded PAC jobs for you and your allies, charge thousands of dollars to lecture college students.

Required reading: The professor’s book (Copies available for purchase from the professor’s Progressives United Bookstore)

*This is a theory class, as the professor has no real world experience creating or protecting jobs, except his own.