Senator Feingold is confronted with his college cost hypocrisy

studentsSenator Feingold talks about helping students, yet he was paid a “factually ridiculous” amount of $8,000 per lecture at Stanford University. A Snapchat filter at campuses across Wisconsin highlighted that hypocrisy.

From the Daily Cardinal:

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., is deploying a new tool in his quest to fight back against Democratic challenger Russ Feingold and retain his seat in the Senate: Snapchat.

Johnson’s campaign announced Wednesday that they would deploy ads on the social media app on nine college campuses throughout the state, including UW-Madison. The ads will attack Feingold for his stint teaching at Stanford University after he lost to Johnson in 2010, and argue college students should instead support the former Oshkosh businessman in his re-election bid.

“Senator Feingold talks about helping students, but the truth is that he’s a highly paid college lecturer who is part of the problem – earning $8,000 per class at Stanford University,” spokesperson Brian Reisinger said in a statement. “Senator Feingold backed the big government programs that have driven up college costs, failed to fix this problem during his nearly two decades in Washington, and then lived off of high college costs.”

From the Appleton Post Crescent:

Johnson’s camp says Feingold’s decades in politics and teaching career at Stanford, among other universities, is problematic and forever changed him, even releasing a Snapchat ad Wednesday on college campuses highlighting Feingold’s pay at Stanford.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Johnson campaign launched an attack ad against Feingold using a Snapchat filter. The ad said “Sen. Feingold made $8,000 per class. Is he really for students?” In 2015, Feingold was paid $150,000 for teaching two courses at Stanford University. The Johnson campaign calculated that for the 19 classes Feingold taught, he earned approximately $7,895 per class.

Feingold called the $8,000 per class attack “factually ridiculous.”

From Fox 11:

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