Whiteboard Returns as Ron Draws Contrast Between His 31 Years as a Manufacturer and Sen. Feingold’s 34 Years as a Career Politician

Yesterday, Ron Johnson launched his next statewide TV and digital ad entitled “Way Too Many.” The ad, similar to his famous 2010 “whiteboard” spot, draws the contrast between Ron’s 31 years as a manufacturer solving problems and Senator Feingold’s 34 years as a career politician becoming part of the problem.

Ron’s TV and digital ads have emphasized his record as a problem solver on jobs and national security over Senator Feingold’s decades as an out-of-touch career politician. Check out what they’re saying about Ron’s iconic whiteboard:

Politico Morning Score: “Johnson goes back to 2010 to start fall advertising: GOP Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest ad is a callback to his advertising in 2010, featuring Johnson standing in front of a whiteboard and explaining that while the U.S. Senate is filled with lawyers and career politicians, he’s the only manufacturer.”

Washington Post: “’Today, there are 54 lawyers, one manufacturer – that’d be me! – still way too many career politicians, and now Sen. Feingold wants to add another one. Himself. Fixing this broken system will take the perspective of someone who has actually solved problems. 31 years of manufacturing taught me how.’ Last week’s Marquette poll showed the race tightening.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “In 2010, Johnson, who helped create a plastics firm in Oshkosh, used a whiteboard to great effect, making the case to put a manufacturer in a political body filled with lawyers.”

The Cap Times: “The 30-second spot is an update to the one Johnson ran in 2010, when he emerged from political obscurity to unseat longtime Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold. It’s also part of a continued effort from Johnson’s campaign to portray the incumbent as a manufacturer from Oshkosh while painting Feingold, the challenger, as a career politician.”

Associated Press: “Johnson notes that 54 senators are lawyers and he is the only manufacturer. In 2010, Johnson pointed out that there were 57 lawyers in the Senate and no manufacturers.”

Right Wisconsin: “It was called ‘The Best Positive Ad of the 2010 campaign’ by the Washington Post, and it’s getting an update. ’57’ was an ad which highlighted how many United States Senators were lawyers compared to the number of accountants and manufacturers among their ranks, helped solidify Ron Johnson’s victory over Russ Feingold. Now ‘Way Too Many,’ points out that while the number of lawyers is down (54), the return of Russ Feingold to the U.S. Senate would only increase the number of career politicians serving on Capitol Hill.”