Letter to the Editor: Difference between Ron and Senator Feingold is clear


From Paul in Sheboygan:

Ron Johnson a man of integrity

The difference between Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold couldn’t be greater.

During less than six years in the US Senate, Johnson has authored numerous bills. He is the elected chairman of the powerful Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Johnson is sought out by many senior officials for his expert advice.

In contrast, Feingold has been a career politician for 34 years. Of his 18 years in the US Senate, he was only known for one bill — which turned out to be a disaster. He never chaired a single committee.

Feingold is as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, he started his own political action group to supposedly help other candidates, but then used most of the millions of dollars to pay himself and friends a salary. His closest friends are Hollywood types like Robert Redford.

Johnson wants to return to Washington to use his skills as a successful businessman to get our country back on track and make it strong again. He will provide people with good jobs and affordable health care while being fiscally responsible.

Johnson is a man of integrity. After accomplishing this he will return to the private sector.

Paul Gruber