Senator Feingold called fellow career politician Hillary Clinton “trustworthy”


34-year career politician Senator Feingold called fellow career politician Hillary Clinton “reliable and trustworthy.” 68% of Wisconsinites disagree.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold called Hillary Clinton “reliable and trustworthy” Monday but reaffirmed his stance that if she’s elected president she should consider shutting down the Clinton Foundation.

“What I’m saying is, it’s a whole other thing when somebody is the president of the United States. And that the highest level of scrutiny should be applied to something like that when somebody becomes president,” Feingold said after a campaign appearance.

The Clinton Foundation has emerged as an issue in the presidential race between Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and Republican Donald Trump. Locally, Trump’s state campaign has called for Feingold to weigh in on Clinton’s ethics as secretary of state.

Last week, The Associated Press reported that “more than half the people outside government” who met with Clinton while she was secretary of state “gave money — either personally or through companies or groups  — to the Clinton Foundation.” Clinton and her supporters have said the AP analysis was flawed.

From WRN:

While Republicans have questioned the honesty of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the wake of an email scandal and questions about donations to her charitable foundation, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold says he has no questions about the honesty of his party’s presidential nominee.

Asked this week whether he views Clinton as trustworthy, Feingold pointed to a long history with the nominee. “I worked with Hillary Clinton when she was first lady, I worked with her when we were both members of the Senate, and I worked with her when she was Secretary of State. In my encounters with her, she has been reliable and trustworthy.”

From the Cap Times:

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s campaign is seizing on a complaint filed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin accusing Democratic former Sen. Russ Feingold of violating the Hatch Act with a new ad.

The digital ad, launched Wednesday morning, focuses on Progressives United, the political action committee Feingold founded shortly after Johnson unseated him in 2010.


“These allegations are serious, and Sen. Feingold should come clean about the conversations he had and the shadow campaign that continued to operate while he was at the State Department,” said Johnson campaign manager Betsy Ankney. “After 34 years in politics, not only does he find Hillary Clinton ‘trustworthy,’ he’s also apparently guilty of the same kind of dishonesty and questionable ethics that have surrounded the Clintons for decades.”