What They’re Saying: Senator Feingold Faces Allegations of Violating Federal Law

Yesterday, Wisconsin Republicans called on Senator Feingold to come clean about allegations that he violated federal law for running a shadow campaign while working at the State Department.

These allegations, as well as the launch of a digital ad on how Senator Feingold misled Wisconsinites about the true purpose of Progressives United — or, as we call it, the Feingold Foundation — drew coverage from national, state, and local media and comparisons to the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton. Check out what they’re saying:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Republicans accused Democrat Russ Feingold of violating the Hatch Act by planning his U.S. Senate run while working for the U.S. State Department. … The complaint was filed just days after Wisconsin Watchdog.org, a conservative website, raised questions about Feingold’s political activities while working for the federal government.”

Associated Press: “Johnson’s campaign tried to open a new line of attackon Wednesday, questioning whether Feingold conducted an illegal ‘shadow campaign’ through his Progressives United political action committee before declaring his candidacy for the Senate.”

Wisconsin Watchdog: “Feingold had multiple conversations with senior Democratic leaders about the potential of a re-election bid during his tenure at the State Department. Those conversations, depending on when they occurred, could land the candidate in trouble with the Hatch Act, the nearly 80-year-old federal law that outlines what executive branch employees can and cannot do related to political activity.”

WisPolitics.com: “That includes meeting with Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Jon Tester, D-Montana. The complaint says the conversation ‘appears’ to have revolved around the political landscape and the support the DSCC could provide Feingold. The complaint also cites the Progressives United PAC that Feingold established after leaving the Senate.”

Fox 6 Milwaukee: “The Republicans allege Feingold set up a political action committee and began coordinating with fellow Democrats about a potential campaign strategy while he was still State Department employee.”

The Cap Times: “But the complaint alleges Progressives United was created to ‘lay the groundwork’ for a future campaign.  It’s not the first time Johnson’s campaign has gone after Progressives United. The campaign has long used it as a way to accuse Feingold of hypocrisy.”

Chris Wallace on Fox News: “Wisconsin Republicans file a complaint with federal investigators over Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold.They accuse the former Senator of illegally organizing a partisan political campaign while still serving in the State Department.”