Ron Johnson Campaign Calls on Senator Feingold to Come Clean on Hatch Act

Responds to Republican Party of Wisconsin legal complaint and releases digital ad on shadow campaign Progressives United

The Ron Johnson campaign today called on Senator Feingold to come clean about accusations by the Republican Party of Wisconsin and others that he violated the Hatch Act, and released a digital ad on Progressives United, the shadow campaign implicated in the scandal. Campaign Manager Betsy Ankney made the following statement:

“These allegations are serious, and Senator Feingold should come clean about the conversations he had and the shadow campaign that continued to operate while he was at the State Department. After 34 years in politics, not only does he find Hillary Clinton ‘trustworthy,’ he’s also apparently guilty of the same kind of dishonesty and questionable ethics that have surrounded the Clintons for decades.”

Today’s statement was released in conjunction with a digital ad you can watch here entitled “How Do You Explain That?” on how Senator Feingold misled Wisconsinites about the true purpose of his scam political action committee, Progressives United. The Ron Johnson campaign also recently launched a digital ad on Senator Feingold breaking his promise to rely on Wisconsinites to fund his campaign, and a digital timeline on how he’s abandoned his principles.

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