Ron Johnson Launches Digital Campaign Hitting Senator Feingold for Standing with Washington and the EPA Against Wisconsin Farmers

Senator Feingold wants to rule the ditch with WOTUS, but Ron wants to ditch his rule.

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a targeted digital campaign hitting Senator Feingold for siding with the EPA over Wisconsin farmers by supporting and laying the groundwork for the “Waters of the U.S.” rule that would increase costs and kill jobs. The digital campaign features a Facebook ad that includes a carousel of photos, graphics, and a video.

“During his nearly two decades in Washington, Senator Feingold helped lay the ground work for EPA regulations that would drive up costs for Wisconsin farmers and kill jobs,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Now the EPA’s proposed ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rule threatens to let Washington regulate 92 percent of Wisconsin land, including small creeks, ponds and ditches — Senator Feingold wants to rule the ditch, while Ron Johnson wants to ditch the rule.”

You can view the Facebook ad here, and watch the video, entitled “Ditch His Rule,” here. The video features Ron at the Ozaukee County dairy breakfast stating that “Senator Feingold wants to rule the ditch, but I want to ditch his rule.”

Key Facts:

  • Senator Feingold introduced legislation in 2009 that helped lay the ground work for WOTUS. Today, the EPA’s proposed water rule would regulate small ponds, ditches, and creeks on private property, affecting 92 percent of the land in Wisconsin and driving up costs and killing jobs due to added government regulation.
  • Senator Feingold has embraced the League of Conservation Voters – a far-left Washington, D.C. group that favors WOTUS and that has a dark-money arm that is attacking Ron.
  • Ron is standing with Wisconsin farmers, workers, and families by opposing WOTUS. He has voted to block its implementation and he held a field hearing in Stevens Point to examine the effects WOTUS would have on Wisconsin’s economy.