Ron Johnson Launches Digital Ad on Senator Feingold’s Broken Promises

Footage from 1992 and 2016 shows Feingold promising to rely on Wisconsinites, then going back on his word

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a targeted digital ad on Senator Feingold’s broken promises, using footage from 1992 and 2016 to show how after 34 years in politics “Mr. Campaign Finance” has gone back on his word to rely on Wisconsinites to fund his campaigns.

“Senator Feingold told Wisconsinites his promise was ‘for the future,’ but now we know he’ll say whatever it takes on any issue if it will get him back to Washington,” Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Ron Johnson has kept his promises to Wisconsinites – to always tell them the truth and to never vote with his re-election in mind – while Senator Feingold has become everything people hate about politics.”

You can watch the ad, entitled “Broken Promises,” here. It opens with Senator Feingold making the promise on his garage door, then saying in a 1992 debate it was “for the future.” The ad repeats that refrain as Feingold tries and fails in 2016 to explain breaking the promise decades later.

The ad links to a digital timeline laying out Senator Feingold’s full transformation from campaign finance champion to hypocritical career politician who has broken numerous promises in an effort to get back to Washington.

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