ICYMI: Ron Johnson Draws Sharp Contrast with Senator Feingold on National Security

Says Senator Feingold voted against measures in his own plan to fight ISIS during 18-year career in Washington

In case you missed it, Ron Johnson appeared on “Good Day Wisconsin” on FOX 11 in Green Bay this morning where he drew the sharp contrast with Senator Feingold on national security and keeping local communities safe.

You can watch the full interview here, or read key excerpts below:

A number of the elements in his plan, he was opposed to during his 18-year career in the United States Senate. He said he wants to use human intelligence, but he was the only Senator to vote against the type of human intelligence that actually would stop international terrorists.

He voted against authorizing the military. I mean think of this, 11 separate times. … He’s not genuine in terms of his support for our troops and really for a real plan.

The other problem, it’s really pretty much President Obama’s plan, and it’s not working. President Obama laid out his goal toward ISIS 23 months ago to defeat them. They’re not defeated … They’ve spread. They’ve metastasized.

We need to provide strong leadership. We have to assemble a committed coalition of the willing. And we actually have to accomplish the goal, which is defeat ISIS.