Does Senator Feingold support President Obama’s $400M payment to Iran?


Ron called out the Obama administration’s secret $400 million payment to Iran, noting a simple fact: America has a policy of not paying ransoms for the release of hostages, because it encourages more hostage-taking.

Meanwhile, Senator Feingold has stayed silent. Here are a couple of questions for the 34-year career politician:

  • Does Senator Feingold still think the Iran deal is one of “the great things” that the president has done? He thought so in January, even after the Iranians held American sailors at gunpoint and continued to test missile systems.
  • Do the bundled lobbyist contributions Feingold took from the pro-Iran deal group J Street have anything to do with his blind support for the president’s reckless approach to Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Feingold’s bundled lobbyist contributions now top $500,000, after years of railing against the influence of lobbyists.
  • Finally, does Senator Feingold support President Obama’s $400M payment to Iran?