Senator Feingold’s 34-year political career has cost taxpayers $3 million


From the Cap Times:

On Tuesday, Johnson’s campaign fired back at Feingold, arguing that the former senator has earned $3 million in taxpayer money during his 34 years in state and federal office. It’s part of a ramped-up level of focus from the Johnson campaign on the length of Feingold’s political career.

The number comes from salary data from 1983 through 2010 and also includes a pension of about $50,000.

“After nearly 34 years of living on the taxpayers’ dime, Sen. Feingold has become everything people hate about politics,” said Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger. “Not only does he know nothing about creating jobs, keeping us safe, or anything else people in the real world are concerned about — his quest for power and addiction to Washington have cost taxpayers $3 million and counting.”

Feingold served in the state Senate from 1983 to 1993. According to state records, he started off making about $23,000 a year. When he left state office, his salary was about $31,000 a year.

In his first year in the U.S. Senate, Feingold earned a salary of about $134,000. When he left the Senate — ousted by Johnson in 2010 — he earned about $162,000 a year.