Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Feingold Saying One Thing and Doing Another on National Security

Feingold opposed terrorist surveillance, military programs, and lone wolf law necessary to carry out his so-called “plan” for fighting terrorism

The Ron Johnson campaign today released a statewide TV and digital ad showing how Senator Feingold consistently voted against crucial pieces of legislation – including surveillance of lone wolf terrorists – necessary to carry out the so-called “plan” he’s now proposing to deal with ISIS.

“Time and again during his 34 years in politics, Senator Feingold has said one thing and done another, and his sham ‘plan’ is proof that it’s simply too dangerous for Wisconsinites to give him a fourth term in Washington,” Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “The contrast in this race on keeping local communities safe could not be more clear – Ron Johnson is pushing for real solutions to protect our national security, while Senator Feingold plays political games like a typical career politician.”

The ad, which you can watch here, is entitled “All Talk” and features footage of Feingold discussing his so-called plan, then highlights his actual record:

“Narrator: Here’s Senator Feingold on ISIS.

Feingold: Use special forces and targeted military strikes, better human intelligence.

Narrator: But Feingold was the only senator to vote against intelligence tools after 9/11. Feingold also opposed special ops when he voted against authorizing our military – 11 separate times. And he voted against terrorist surveillance on lone wolves.

Feingold: Combat terrorism and protect America.

Narrator: That’s what he says – but that’s not what he does. Career Politician Russ Feingold.”

Key Facts:

  • This is Ron Johnson’s fourth statewide TV and digital ad and it again builds on his message as an Oshkosh manufacturer taking an outsider approach, compared to Senator Feingold’s broken promises as a typical career politician.
  • You can watch “Pallets” highlighting Ron’s record of job creation and telling the truth, here; “Dishwasher” showing how Ron climbed up from the bottom to become a problem solver working to create jobs and keep us safe, here; and “Lone Wolf” on Senator Feingold’s votes in Washington against our security, here.
  • Ron Johnson has launched investigations into terrorist attacks on U.S. soil as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, pushed for a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS, worked to secure the border, advocated for a stronger military, and helped pass legislation to help stop terrorists from getting onto U.S. soil.
  • Senator Feingold has repeatedly voted against giving authorities the intelligence-gathering capability they need to prevent terrorist attacks, including immediately after 9/11. He later cast three votes abandoning provisions meant to help prevent attacks by foreign-born “lone wolf” terrorists who act alone.
  • Senator Feingold voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, which legally authorizes our U.S. military, at least 11 times. He’s also advocated cuts to the military as one of the main ways to balance the budget, and supports bringing Guantanamo Bay detainees onto U.S. soil.