Why is Senator Feingold Proposing a “Plan” to Defeat ISIS That He Consistently Opposed in Washington?

Feingold voted against the tools needed for better human intelligence, opposed weapons for targeted strikes and military forces necessary to defeat terrorism

Senator Feingold recently released his “plan” to destroy ISIS, but during his 18 years in Washington, he consistently opposed the very ideas he’s now advocating. From increased human intelligence to the weapons needed to destroy ISIS strongholds to the special operations soldiers needed to carry out key missions, Senator Feingold repeatedly failed to support the very people and policies he now says we need to defeat our enemies.

“Senator Feingold is once again acting like a typical career politician, saying one thing and doing another – only this time he’s playing political games with our national security,” said Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger. “Senator Feingold voted repeatedly against our security and opposed the kind of strong defense it will take to keep local communities safe during his 18 years in Washington, and no amount of lip-service will cover up the fact that it’s simply too dangerous to give him a fourth term.”

In a sharp contrast, Ron has a record of achieving real solutions to keep Americans safe.

Key Facts:

Senator Feingold says we need “better human intelligence,” but repeatedly opposed giving law enforcement and our military the tools required to obtain information about our enemies.

Senator Feingold says we need “targeted military strikes” but has proposed cutting off the very weapons used for those strikes.

Senator Feingold says we need to cut off ISIS’s supplies and cash, and to use U.S. special forces to carry out key missions, but he voted against the resources needed to achieve those goals.