Ron’s real solutions to keep us safe and Senator Feingold’s lip-service


Ron is offering real solutions to keep local communities safe from threats to our national security, like Islamic terrorism, while Senator Feingold offers lip-service and a so-called “plan” that is just more of what we’re doing now.

Senator Feingold likes to talk “tough” on national security, but he only offers lip-service and a so-called plan of things we are already doing, which CIA director John Brennan admitted isn’t doing enough to stop ISIS.

  • Senator Feingold was the only senator to vote against the terrorist surveillance tools law enforcement needed after 9/11.
  • Senator Feingold voted three times to abandon “lone wolf” provisions meant to protect against foreign-born terrorists acting alone.
  • Senator Feingold stood against strengthening our military by voting against the National Defense Authorization Act 11 times.
  • Senator Feingold was one of the earliest and most vocal backers of closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing terrorists onto U.S. soil.