Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Senator Feingold’s Votes Against Our Security

Ron Johnson works to keep local communities safe; Feingold repeatedly voted against terrorist surveillance, strong national defense

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched its next statewide TV and digital ad, which features Ron making clear Senator Feingold’s failed security record during his 18 years in Washington – including votes abandoning lone wolf terrorist surveillance and against a strong national defense.

“While Ron Johnson works to keep local communities safe, Senator Feingold hopes Wisconsinites will forget his repeated votes against our security during his 18 years in Washington,” Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Senator Feingold voted against giving law enforcement the tools they need to prevent terrorist attacks, including those by lone wolves, and against having a strong national defense.”

You can watch the ad, entitled “Lone Wolf” here. The ad shows scenes from recent attacks, with Ron saying, “A concert in Paris. Airports in Brussels, Istanbul. An office Christmas party in San Bernardino. An Orlando nightclub. A celebration in Nice. Islamic terrorists slaughtering innocents.

“And when Congress gave law enforcement the tools to help stop international terror, only one senator voted no – Russ Feingold. Senator Feingold also voted against authorizing our military, 11 times.

“Now, he’s asking you for a fourth term. The world is simply too dangerous for that.”

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