Ron Johnson Campaign Launches Feingold Career Clock Counting Senator Feingold’s Time in Politics

Digital campaign shows more than 12,355 days in politics, will continue counting through November

Ron Johnson today launched a digital campaign featuring a Career Clock counting the number of days Senator Feingold has spent in politics – 12,355 as of this morning. The clock will continue counting each day between now and November, highlighting the decades Senator Feingold spent failing to address Wisconsinites’ concerns on national security and other issues.

“Senator Feingold’s 34 years in politics can be difficult to make sense of, so we thought it might help to take it one day at a time,” Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “From repeatedly voting against our security during his time in Washington to breaking promise after promise to the people of Wisconsin, career politicians like Senator Feingold need to be held accountable for decades of playing political games instead of getting results.”

See the Feingold Career Clock, which will appear on social media and online, here.

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