Head of National Republican Senatorial Committee: Ron Johnson’s Wisconsin Ground Game Will Beat Senator Feingold, “A Man Without a Core”

Voters will reward Ron Johnson’s “honesty, hard work” on jobs, national security, and issues that matter to Wisconsin

Ward Baker, Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said today that Wisconsin Republicans’ “world-class” ground game will lead Ron Johnson to victory over Senator Feingold in November.

On a call with state and national reporters, Baker also discussed a range of issues where the contrast is clear, including jobs and national security. Below are key excerpts:

On Wisconsin’s ground game: “Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Republicans have the best infrastructure and the right message. … When you look at infrastructure, our ground game, and the data operation that Republicans have built through their many battles over the last couple of years, is second to none.”

On the NRSC’s commitment to Wisconsin: “We feel very confident. We’re standing arm-in-arm with Ron Johnson. We’re going to win this race.”

On Ron’s background as a manufacturer: “Ron is a businessman who is in it for the right reasons, and is a person that keeps his word. … He’s a manufacturer, built a business and learned how to identify and solve problems. And he ran for office because he saw what was happening in Washington and it horrified him. He’s still got the same mind set. He’s working to create real economic growth by getting the federal government out of the way.”

On Ron’s work to take on Washington and represent Wisconsin: “Voters will reward honesty and hard work and that’s why Ron Johnson is going to win.”

On career politician Senator Feingold: “Ron Johnson is one of the all-time great dark horses. Came out of nowhere to beat a Washington, all-time great show horse in Russ Feingold. … Senator Feingold is a career politician that has become everything people hate about politics. He fell back on his principles, broke his promises, and says one thing while doing another on almost every single issue.”

On Senator Feingold’s desire to return to Washington: “He loves Washington so much he’s trying to come back after voters rejected him. … He’s a man without a core. That’s why he’s running a campaign without a message.”

On Senator Feingold’s national security record: “There is only one person that’s more liberal than Russ Feingold on national defense, and that’s Bernie Sanders. I think when people start to pay attention and they start to see the message, and they remind themselves of where Russ Feingold stands and how dangerous he would be if he was reelected, I think that will make a huge difference.”