Senator Feingold’s “Dirty Dozen”

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Senator Feingold’s 34 years in politics are bound to include a few moments he’d rather not share with Wisconsinites. As a refresher, here is Senator Feingold’s “Dirty Dozen” – the very best of his broken promises to the people of Wisconsin and his failure to stand up to the dysfunction in Washington.

1. Senator Feingold famously pledged to “rely on Wisconsinites” to fund his campaign…but now more than two-thirds of his campaign contributions come from out of state.

2. Senator Feingold railed against dark money for years…but now has no problem taking help from liberal outside groups spending dark money in Wisconsin.

3. Senator Feingold cast himself as the Godfather of Campaign Finance Reform…then started his own personal political slush fund that only gave 5% of the money it raised to candidates and causes. That’s shadier than the embattled Clinton Foundation.

4. Senator Feingold railed against the paid-speech circuit…but then raked in over $100,000 in speaking fees after he was defeated in 2010.

5. Senator Feingold claims to be all about listening to Wisconsinites…but he was too busy lecturing in California and had to film a video when he announced his run for the Senate.

6. Senator Feingold claims to be a champion for small businesses…but has an average rating of 12 percent from the National Association of Manufacturers and a 31 percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Businesses – the lowest of any Senator.

7. Senator Feingold pretends to be on the side of Wisconsin farmers…but championed burdensome EPA regulations like WOTUS that would give the federal government control over 92% of the land in our state.

8. Senator Feingold pretends to want an economy that works for everyone…but voted in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times during his 18 years in Washington.

9. Senator Feingold talked a big game about addressing federal spending…but he voted against forcing Washington to balance the budget four times.

10. Senator Feingold claims to have a tough, realistic plan to protect America, but repeatedly voted against terrorist surveillance measures that help keep us safe.

11. Senator Feingold railed against lobbyist money…but now gladly accepts bundled lobbyist contributions from pro-Iran deal lobbyist group J Street.

12. Senator Feingold built his career in politics over the past 34 years…but now is pretending like he’s just a regular guy, desperately trying to make sure that Wisconsinites forget that he’s nothing more than a typical career politician.