Happy National Flip-Flop Day to serial flip-flopper Senator Russ Feingold


Today is National Flip-Flop Day, which is also the perfect day to highlight the serial flip-flopping of say-one-thing-do-another Senator Russ Feingold. Here are some of his biggest offenses:

1. Senator Feingold used to be Mr. Campaign Finance Reform, but then launched a slush fund that he used to pay himself and former staffers.

2. Senator Feingold famously promised to to raise most of his money from Wisconsinites, but now he’s raising more than 2/3 of money from outside Wisconsin.

3. Senator Feingold used to rail against the influence of lobbyists, but now accepts money from pro-Iran deal group and lobbyist bundler J Street.

4. Senator Feingold criticized speaking fees, but then cashed in once he was out of office — even taking money from a YMCA.

5. Senator Feingold once said Democrats who use dark money are “dancing with the devil,” but now has no problem appearing with a left-wing D.C. group whose dark money arm runs attack ads in Wisconsin.