Senator Feingold’s Dark Money Hypocrisy is Hurting Wisconsin Farmers and Families

Senator Russ Feingold wants to get back to Washington so badly, he’s now hypocritically embraced the League of Conservation Voters in person, despite their dark money arm that has been attacking Ron Johnson. In an appearance with the far-left Washington D.C. groupSunday, he shrugged off their dark money ties and embraced their anti-job agenda, while continuing to criticize other groups.

“Senator Feingold continues to say one thing and do another. After repeatedly railing against ‘dark money’ he’s gladly showing his face with a group whose dark money arm is fueling his bid to claw his way back to Washington,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Senator Feingold apparently doesn’t care that this Washington D.C. group’s job-killing agenda would hurt Wisconsin farmers and families — he’s only concerned about his own political ambition.”

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