Folks from Milwaukee are finding good-paying jobs through the Joseph Project


About 50 people per week are traveling from Milwaukee to Sheboygan for good-paying jobs through the Joseph Project, a community initiative Ron is working on with Greater Praise Church of God in Christ.
Sheboygan Press     
May 21, 2016

Scores of Milwaukeeans are finding jobs in Sheboygan County through The Joseph Project, a grass roots program inspired by Robert L. Woodson Sr.’s book “The Triumphs of Joseph” about community-based initiatives.

In the effort, churches host week-long class sessions to teach job-seekers the “soft skills” that help them in job interviews and in their beginning steps on the career ladder. If successful in the class, graduates are provided an interview with at least one of five participating firms.

The program has already changed several lives. Alumni of the program were invited to speak to the newest recruits to share their experiences.

Seeing the success and recognizing the potential of the program, the SCEDC recently gifted two minivans to nearly double the capacity of the initiative. Every week Greater Praise Church of God in Christ in Milwaukee makes 24 round trips placing 9,000 miles per month transporting roughly 50 people to work from Milwaukee to jobs in Sheboygan County.

Many individuals in Milwaukee are underemployed. Nearly all the participants in The Joseph Projects have jobs or access to them, but their employment choices are limited. Candidates in the project often must choose between a temporary staffing agency that cannot guarantee long-term employment or part-time work at local fast-food businesses or retailers. The Joseph Project provides a third option for those that are underemployed. This option includes long-term full-time employment with companies that provide insurance and retirement benefits.

The gift of vehicles coincided with the start of the eighth class since the program started in late September 2015.

The project is actively seeking more companies who would like access to long-term entry-level employees. Employers who are looking for full-time candidates that pay at least $12 per hour and benefits are encouraged to contact the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation.

This project is a partnership between Greater Praise Church of God in Christ, US Senator Ron Johnson and the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation.