Feingold’s Vote for Obamacare Means Higher Costs, Fewer Choices for Wisconsin Families

Senator Feingold’s vote for Obamacare is still causing many Wisconsin families to face higher health care costs and fewer choices. Just in the past week, we’ve seen still more examples of how Obamacare was not the solution we were told it would be.

While Feingold continues to defend his vote for this disastrous law, Ron Johnson is working to hold Washington accountable and is supporting solutions that would repair the damage of Obamacare with patient-centered, market-based reforms.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Insurers have begun to propose big premium increases for coverage next year under the 2010 health law, as some struggle to make money in a market where their costs have soared.”

From Louisville Business First:

“Humana Inc. is dropping individual insurance products in at least four states. The Louisville-based company has sent letters to insurance regulators in Alabama, Kansas, Wisconsin and Virginia saying Humana would no longer offer major individual products there.”

Of course, for the Obama speechwriters who crafted this massive P.R. charade in 2009 and 2010, it’s all just one big joke:

From the Washington Examiner:

“Charlie Rose and a trio of former Obama speechwriters laughed it up this week at the mention of the president’s infamous promise that that under the Affordable Care Act, ‘if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.'”