Ron’s kickoff recap: Getting Washington out of the way of Wisconsin jobs


As a manufacturer, Ron knows what it takes to grow the economy.  As a part of his statewide campaign kickoff tour, he made stops at local businesses to discuss getting Washington out of the way of Wisconsin jobs.

From Fox 11:

“How is my background in business affected my running for the United State Senate? There’s a couple things when you’re in a manufacturing company that just becomes part of your DNA: solving problems, root-cause analysis, continuous improvement,” Johnson said Monday.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

There’s kind of a big difference between myself — a citizen legislator, somebody who actually comes from a manufacturing background, somebody who actually knows how hard business is and how the federal government makes it that much more difficult — versus Sen. Feingold, who was (in office) for 18 years,” Johnson said while speaking to supporters and employees at Fox Valley Metal-Tech, 1201 Parkview Rd.

Johnson said his priority if re-elected would be to improve the nation’s economy. He said the way to create more jobs and increase wages for workers is by reducing government regulations that prevent businesses from growing.

“I’m concerned about income inequality. I’m concerned about stagnant wages. If you’re concerned about that, look no further. The fact that median household income has basically been flat for years — the reason is the regulatory burden of the federal government,” Johnson said.

From Fox 21:

Johnson has pushed for fewer regulations on small local businesses.

Johnson says his personal history as a business owner and experience in the private sector is what sets him apart as a senator.

Those owner operated businesses that are the back bone of the Wisconsin economy and the american economy, they’re supporting me because they recognize that it’s my experience, my perspective, coming from a manufacturing background that understands what they’re trying to go through trying to create those good paying jobs and expand their operations.”