What They’re Saying: Senator Feingold Taking Heat for More Than 270 Votes in Favor of Higher Taxes

What They’re Saying: Senator Feingold Taking Heat for More Than 270 Votes in Favor of Higher Taxes

While Ron Johnson works for Wisconsin, Senator Feingold puts higher taxes over jobs and middle class families

Over the past week, Senator Feingold’s record on middle class jobs and families after 18 years in Washington has come to light. He’s been taking heat, to say the least.

While Ron Johnson works for Wisconsin taxpayers, Senator Feingold has proven a typical career politician: saying he’s for the middle class but voting in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times.

Check out what they’re saying:

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, Ron’s campaign and print newspaper ads by the Republican Party of Wisconsin started off the week hitting Senator Feingold’s record: “‘Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington supporting big government over Wisconsin families and small businesses, and his hundreds of votes in favor of higher taxes prove it,’ said Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger. … Following up on the rhetoric, the state Republican Party will launch a newspaper ad as Wisconsinites rush to file their taxes. ‘On April 15th, Remember Senator Feingold’s Tax and Spend Record,’ the ad says, with claims that Feingold’s record on taxes is ‘bad for the economy, bad for families and bad for Wisconsin’s future.’”

Ron made clear in an interview with Charlie Sykes that while he wants to lower taxes for Wisconsin families and limit government, Senator Feingold wants to grow it: “Well, it is a pretty clear difference, let’s face it. Senator Feingold has never seen a problem that he doesn’t think there’s a federal government program that it’ll address it. And so, as I travel around the state of Wisconsin I ask people ‘hey, how many people think the federal government is efficient or effective?’ Nobody raises their hands.”

Right Wisconsin covered the interview, which included Ron’s work to deal with Wisconsin’s drug problem and secure the border, noting the differences between Ron and Senator Feingold: “On the political front, Sen. Johnson said this fall’s campaign rematch between former Sen. Russ Feingold will be a referendum on size and scope of government. Johnson said Russ Feingold has never seen a tax increase he didn’t like or a government program he didn’t support.”

As Wisconsin Watchdog laid out, Senator Feingold’s voting record includes a long line of tax increases on Wisconsin families: “… over his time in the Senate, Feingold supported hundreds of millions of dollars in increases for Medicaid and other social welfare programs. ‘Senator Feingold hasn’t met a tax he didn’t want to raise, and he has a long record of choosing to raise taxes on hardworking Wisconsin families, rather than make the tough choices to keep government fiscally responsible,’ said Pat Garrett spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.”