Senator Feingold voted in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times

It’s tax season and the perfect time to remember that Senator Feingold voted in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times — a record that hurts Wisconsin families and businesses.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

It’s tax season. And another political season.

So, inevitably the two will merge this week as Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and Democratic challenger Russ Feingold turn their campaigns to the big issues of taxing and spending.

Johnson and his Republican allies are expected to harp on Feingold’s record as a U.S. senator. They plan to zero in on a claim that Feingold voted in favor of higher taxes more than 270 times. The state Republican Party will also attack Feingold’s fiscal record with newspaper ads in several markets.

“Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington supporting big government over Wisconsin families and small businesses, and his hundreds of votes in favor of higher taxes prove it,” said Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger. “Now, like a typical career politician, he’s trying to distract Wisconsinites but it won’t work — his broken promises, addiction to big government, and dangerously weak national security record speak for themselves.”

Following up on the rhetoric, the state Republican Party will launch a newspaper ad as Wisconsinites rush to file their taxes.

“On April 15th, Remember Senator Feingold’s Tax and Spend Record,” the ad says, with claims that Feingold’s record on taxes is “bad for the economy, bad for families and bad for Wisconsin’s future.”

Johnson’s end goal is to create far more tax relief than any tax credit provides.

“When considering any change in policy — like how to enact pro-growth tax reform to lower taxes for Wisconsin families and get our economy moving — Ron’s first test is making sure it does no harm,” Reisinger said.