What They’re Saying: U.S. Chamber Makes Wisconsin the Site of Their First U.S. Senate Endorsement of 2016

What They’re Saying: U.S. Chamber Makes Wisconsin the Site of Their First U.S. Senate Endorsement of 2016

On Wednesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce made clear Wisconsin’s status as a key battleground in the fight to keep conservative, independent leaders in the U.S. Senate, endorsing manufacturer Ron Johnson – their first endorsement of the 2016 cycle.

Check out just a few of the stories from the statewide tour Ron did in Rothschild, Green Bay and Waukesha with the Chamber yesterday, discussing his work to get Washington out of the way and highlighting why a career politician like Senator Feingold is bad for Wisconsin jobs and families:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Johnson was the first Senate candidate to receive the Chamber’s public endorsement in this election cycle, a sign that the powerful business lobby was prepared to put a significant amount of money into the race. … ‘We’re bullish on this race and Senator Johnson’s campaign because he has a record focused on governing and getting things done,’ said Rob Engstrom, national political director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

From Wisconsin Public Radio in Green Bay: “The business group’s endorsement highlights the differences between Johnson’s beliefs and those of his opponent, former Sen. Russ Feingold. ‘It is notable that our first stop for the U.S. Senate is here with our friend Sen. Ron Johnson. So we’re prepared for that fight, mano-a-mano, in each Senate race across the country,’ said Engstrom. … ‘Senator Feingold doesn’t have a clue about the private sector,’ [Ron] said. ‘He doesn’t know how hard business is. He doesn’t know how hard his government regulations that he supports is making it for those people working 60 hours a week for themselves and the people that work with them.'”

From the Wausau Daily Herald and USA Today: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce planned to issue its first endorsements in the 2016 Senate elections Wednesday with campaign stops for Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson in Rothschild, Green Bay and Waukesha. … ‘Ron Johnson is a proven and tested leader who understands that the American Free Enterprise system is the only way to drive sustained economic growth,’ Rob Engstrom, senior vice president and national political director for the U.S. Chamber, said in prepared remarks.

From Politico: “‘As a manufacturer – not a career politician – I appreciate the support of others who have grown and started businesses that create good jobs and economic opportunity for all,’ Johnson said. ‘I will continue my work to get Washington out of the way of our private sector economy to help give hard-working Wisconsin families the economic security they deserve.’

From Morning Consult: Engstrom also bashed Johnson’s Democratic opponent, former Sen. Russ Feingold, who Johnson defeated in 2010. ‘Senator Feingold, on the other hand, is a career politician who has spent almost 30 years championing a ‘government knows best’ approach that stifles the American economy,’ Engstrom said.