Press Memo: As President Obama visits WI today, remember Sen. Feingold’s Obamacare record

President Obama’s visit to Milwaukee today is a stark reminder of Senator Feingold’s partisan record on Obamacare – part of why voters fired him in 2010 after 18 years in Washington – and the fact that he would go even further if he could. Here are five key facts on Senator Feingold’s health care record impacting Wisconsin families:

  1. Despite his claims of independence, Senator Feingold was one of the deciding votes on Obamacare, a partisan proposal that has meant fewer choices and higher costs for many Wisconsin families.
  2. Like President Obama, Senator Feingold made the false promise to Americans, including Wisconsin families, that “if you like your current plan, you are free to keep it.”
  3. In response to the backlash, Senator Feingold said Obamacare was going to look “pretty damn good” in two years.
  4. As recently as 2015, Senator Feingold said Obamacare was “by no means as bad as some people pretended it was” despite how it has meant fewer choices and higher costs for many Wisconsin families.
  5. In January of this year, Senator Feingold admitted that he agrees with Bernie Sanders that we should have single-payer, government-run health care.

Good things to bear in mind during the president’s visit, and in any coverage of the impact of the record he and Senator Feingold share. Thanks.