Senator Feingold’s jobs hypocrisy

Senator Feingold will tell you he stands up for good-paying jobs for Wisconsinites, but yet again, his record tells a different story. 

Feingold’s average rating from the National Association of Manufacturers since 1998 stands at 12%.

Feingold’s most recent rating from the National Association of Manufacturers before the people of Wisconsin fired him was 8%.

Feingold’s rating by the National Federation of Independent Business in 2009 was 31% – the lowest of any Senator.

Feingold, according to the Chamber of Commerce, was the 2nd worst Senator for business — the only one worse, self-admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.

Feingold has repeatedly voted for burdensome regulations that would cost Wisconsin jobs.

Ron, on the other hand, started his own manufacturing business in Oshkosh in 1979. He knows what it takes to create good jobs in our state — and what a strong private sector can do if we get Washington out of the way.

Ron fights for small business and recognizes their importance to our state.

As a manufacturer, Ron especially understands the importance of manufacturing to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin groups that work to create jobs recognize Ron’s support.