Senator Feingold’s big government hypocrisy

Senator Feingold talks about running government like you would run your family, but his record tells a different story. Senator Feingold has voted to raise taxes hundreds of times and dedicated his life to growing government — while Ron continues his fight for economic security by reining in government spending.

Here’s the difference:

1.) “After 18 years in the Senate and getting removed from office, he wants to return. He wants to continue the government’s growth, taxation and government entitlements.” Read here.

2.) “When it comes to wasteful federal spending, Johnson has fought to rein it in. He created the Johnson Budget Window, which requires the government to project the federal deficit over 30 years. This includes the ongoing costs of Obamacare, and he is advancing toward a balanced federal budget. Feingold, on the other hand, voted against a balanced budget amendment four times. Johnson is the leading watchdog over federal waste, fraud and abuse.” Read here.

3.) Senator Feingold stands with Bernie Sanders on government-run, single-payer healthcare even while his campaign attempts to walk back his 18-year support. Watch here.

4.) Ron’s committee released a report showing that an estimated $750 million in Obamacare tax credits may have gone to illegal immigrants. Read here.

5.) “Ron believes Obamacare exemplifies all that is wrong with Washington, which is why he’s working toward patient-centered, market-based solutions to replace it. Career politician Senator Feingold not only cast one of the deciding votes for this disastrous law – he supports government-run health care, whatever the consequences.” Read here.