Senator Fenigold’s national security hypocrisy

Senator Feingold’s support for the president’s reckless Iran deal shows both his dangerously weak national security record and his hypocrisy on special interests. Read more about him accepting money from the pro-Iran deal group and lobbyist bundler J Street — after years of railing against the influence of lobbyists.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Lobbyists from the J Street PAC, who were the first to bundle donations on behalf of Feingold’s campaign this cycle, have now given $154,316.62 to his campaign.

The liberal group, which describes itself as “pro-Israel” and “pro-peace,” has come under heavy scrutiny in the past from supporters of Israel due to its associations and support for the Iran nuclear deal.

Feingold is one of only six Senate candidates the PAC has endorsed this cycle. It has additionally listed Johnson as a “top target” for 2016 because of his strong opposition to the nuclear deal. The group did not return a request for comment by press time.

From Wisconsin Watchdog:

Feingold has the big-money backing of J Street PAC. The liberal Jewish Middle East policy group that ardently supports Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran has announced it will target Johnson and other Republicans opposed to the agreement.

As the Washington Free Beacon has reported, J Street has bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbyist contributions for Feingold since 2010. The former senator was one of the three 2016 candidates first endorsed by the PAC last year.

Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said Feingold is so liberal his foreign policy is “downright dangerous.”

“His support for President Obama’s reckless Iran deal is another example of how Senator Feingold’s far-out ideology would put our nation at risk,” Reisinger said. “Senator Feingold’s decision to take gobs of money from a special interest group that lobbied for the Iran deal like J-Street proves he’s even traded in his principles on campaign finance too.”